MACBOOK Configure your Mac to display correctly on an LCD Projector

1. Click on Apple.
2. Go under System Preferences.
3. Click on Display.
4. You will see two windows. Make sure you click on Display; that is your external display.
5. If your display is not set to Mirror Display, click on Arrangement, then check Mirror Displays.
6. Click on Color.
7. Click on Detect Display. (If that doesn't fix the external display, go to Step 8.)
8. Try each profile to the left, starting with Adobe RGB. (If still not corrected, go to Step 9.)
9. Click on Calibrate.
10. Click Continue until you are on Native Gamma.
11. Set Native Gamma until projector display becomes brighter.
12. Click Continue.
13. For Target Gamma, use 2.2 (Standard). Click Continue.
14. Target White Point, use Native. Click Continue.
15. Name the profile name Projector.
16. Click Continue, and then click Done.

Posted by FD